January 24, 2018

Madelein Fourie – Dreams do come true

Many people just go to work to earn a living. Few get the chance to do their dream job. For Madelein Fourie (35) her dream did […]
January 24, 2018

Pinky Makgobola – Working hard to become more

Thomas A. Edison, the inventor of that bright star in the house known as the lightbulb, said: “There is no substitute for hard work”. This is […]
January 24, 2018

The future of fantasy: Floating food and flowers

The face of weddings and functions are changing. For the better. Weddings are getting smaller – no need to invite cousins you last saw at birth […]
October 26, 2017

Flowers: Creating beauty, scent and feeling

Flowers are a key part of most functions. They add colour and texture but also enhances the feeling you would like to create for guests. Most […]