Flowers: Creating beauty, scent and feeling

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October 25, 2017
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January 24, 2018
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Flowers: Creating beauty, scent and feeling

Flowers are a key part of most functions. They add colour and texture but also enhances the feeling you would like to create for guests.

Most people only think of flowers as something beautiful to look at and something sweet to smell. But different types of flowers can add tremendously to the success of the theme.

“When you use more masculine flowers with bold colours and strong shapes like the protea or even succulents your function immediately has a different feeling from one where you use pastel coloured and dainty flowers like a peony or roses,” says Maryke Minnaar, owner of Silver Star Event and Décor Hire.

“So many times, we find that people think celebrations for men are to be flower-less. But if you just use appropriate flowers, it will enhance the ‘manly’ feeling,” she laughs.

Another misconception is that you must use really expensive flowers for your event to look glamorous, but this just isn’t true.

“Flowers can be expensive, yes,” says Maryke. “But there are ways to bring down the cost without your function looking ‘cheap’. You can combine more expensive flowers and less pricey ones. You can replace roses with chrysanthemums and it will look just as nice. In the end, you look at the arrangement and not at individual flowers.”

She adds that you should be led by the season you are in when planning your blooms.

“When you use season-specific flowers, it gives a much bigger variety to choose from, but at a lower price. You can have more flowers and prettier flowers when you keep this in mind.”

An added benefit of having lovely flowers at your function is that it creates a talking point for guests.

“Many functions place complete strangers together at a table. When they have finished speaking about the weather, many guests turn to what they see around them as a conversation starter. And with a beautiful flower arrangement in front of them, you save them from awkward silences!” Maryke advises. “Luckily, we have so many beautiful flower trends now, the conversation can carry on for some time.”


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