The future of fantasy: Floating food and flowers

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October 26, 2017
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The future of fantasy: Floating food and flowers

The face of weddings and functions are changing. For the better.

Weddings are getting smaller – no need to invite cousins you last saw at birth – and more focused. Weddings are more and more a reflection of the taste and style of the bride and groom instead of the stuffy traditions.

Food is served in many different and interesting ways. Flowers are not just for the bouquet and centrepieces. Not even the wedding cake is cut at its usual end of the evening-slot when no-one cares anymore.

The presentation of all the elements involved in the function is important, different, interesting, but also practical – to suit the modern life.



“We have found that the wedding cake is now cut right after the wedding ceremony, just before the newlyweds disappear for their photos,” says Maryke Minnaar, owner of Silver Star Event and Décor Hire. “Guests get to enjoy the wedding cake as a snack instead of it going to waste at the end of the night. This actually originated from the “Groom’s Cake”, where instead of canapes, guests were served a cake of cheeses. In South Africa that has even evolved into a biltong cake!”.

“Not that cake nowadays are just some quick tummy-fillers! It is an expensive item. Couples spend from R3 500 up to R15 000 or more on the cake,” she says. “Cakes are so beautiful it is almost art to be put on display. Therefore, it should be made into a feature and showcased.”

A floating cake station is a perfect way to beautifully present a wedding cake. Floating food stations are an interesting way to serve starters/canapés or perhaps welcome drinks. You can even serve your whole main meal as a floating buffet.

“Floating stations are definitely gaining popularity,” Maryke says. “We enjoy thinking of interesting ways in which to use the swings, which material to use with it and how to display food in a more amusing and unique way”

These swings can be suspended from the ceiling, tree branches, inside arches and even from custom-built stands. The rope can be plain or from a specific (strong enough) fabric and decorated with fabric, flowers or whatever complements the theme. The perch can be made from anything sturdy enough to serve as a platter like wood, metal or even glass. Even buckets can work. You can even go bigger and use a big tabletop suspended.

“Your imagination is the only restriction!” Maryke says. “The various heights at which the various swings can be suspended makes the setting even more interesting. It makes for beautiful photographs,” Maryke explains.

Even centrepieces can float atop tables and be used as part of the décor. Flowers can also be incorporated into the food on the floating stations to round off the picture.

“Because it looks extraordinary, everyone looks at it,” says Maryke. “It is a conversation starter and something that will make a function unique.”


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By Silver Star Event and Décor Hire