Pinky Makgobola – Working hard to become more

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January 24, 2018
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Pinky Makgobola – Working hard to become more

Thomas A. Edison, the inventor of that bright star in the house known as the lightbulb, said: “There is no substitute for hard work”.

This is also what Pinky Makgobola (30) firmly believes. “You have to work hard to get somewhere and to be independent,” she says. “Even if life throws you down, you stand up and make it work for yourself.”

Never afraid of work, the ambitious young woman from Soshanguve started out as a housekeeper at the Department of Home Affairs, moved on to a cashier at Spar and then became a promoter at Expressive Promotions. She started working at Silver Star Events and Décor Hire roughly two years ago.

“This is where I spend most of my time and it makes me very happy,” she says. “It keeps me busy all day and I like it very much. I really love my job and the people I work with.”

Pinky assists the store manager with stock control for incoming and outgoing orders. With a store of more than 6 000 items and up to 400 of each, that is quite the job. “I make sure that all orders are clean, neat and packed before it leaves the store.”

Expanding her education is one of the most important things in Pinky’s life. She was thrilled when Silver Star sent her on a flower arrangement course. “I am a fast learner and I like to learn new things to have more skills,” she says. “Now I can help Maryke with the flower arrangements. With each new skill, I can improve my standard of living.”

Maryke is not just Pinky’s boss and the one she enjoys the beauty and versatility of flowers with. “My boss is my role model,” she says with pride. “I want to be like her one day!”

Besides her job, Pinky also loves her family and the church. “All my problems are solved there.”


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