The practicality of Flowers – How to keep the price down

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The practicality of Flowers – How to keep the price down

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

The poet and writer Ralph Waldo Emerson described flowers in a most fitting way. It is beautiful to look at and makes people feel generally better.

In fact, researchers have found that we have more good ideas, innovative thinking and better problem-solving abilities in an office with flowers than in a typical corporate setting.

Imagine the influence of flowers on an event!

“The type of flower and colours you use can instantly and in a great way change the look and feel of your event,” says Maryke Minnaar, owner of Silver Star Event and Décor Hire. “As well as your budget.”

She says that people have the wrong perception about flower costs and that expensive does not necessarily equate elegance.

“It is about the effect you create with what you have to work with,” she says. “There are many beautiful, but less costly types of flowers available. It just depends on how you make it work.

“You can use fewer orchids compared to a bunch of roses for an arrangement and the one will look as beautiful as the other. But you’ll have a lot more to work with for the same price if you pick roses,” she advises. “Use the versatile long-stemmed Avalanche rose with a relatively large flower head and high petal count for a bouquet and you’ll need fewer flowers than smaller rose variants.

“You can save even more by knowing which flowers to use when. The season and availability play a big role in price,” she says. “If you are looking for more variety, look at the flowers in season.”

The skill and experience of the person working with your flowers will play a role in the overall product and cost. The fact that Maryke buys the flowers straight from the Jo-burg Flower Auction Grande Flora (the only one that works on the same principle as the flower capital Holland) also cuts out the cost of the middleman.

“If you treat flowers the same as an ice-cream that you just bought, you already grasp how fragile they are and therefore a level of skill is involved to make it last a lot longer and use it more effectively. We make use of the best flower food available in the country from Oasis Braaks, an internationally renowned flower care company,” explains Maryke.

“Whether I’m arranging flowers for a special occasion, a gala event or for a sympathy gathering my options are endless and our creativity has no limits.”

During a recent styled shoot, Maryke and her team made use of the backside of see-through chairs to arrange a variety of bright flowers. The result? Exceptional. Unique. Creative. Out-of-the-vase-thinking.

“There is definitely a greater focus on flowers and using them as focal points for an event,” she says. “We see flower balls gaining in popularity. They are wonderful because you can use them in different sizes and in different settings. Flower arches round off and frame a walkway or door. Cascading avalanches bring colour to food stations and pedestals. Instead of using a bunch of flowers, use just one flower in an innovative way and you have a very simplistic theme and talking point for guests.”

The recent renovation and enlargement of Silver Star’s Flower Room are also opening a lot of options for the future. Watch this space…


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By Silver Star Event and Décor Hire