Maryke Minnaar, the dancing boss lady

By Silver Star Event and Decor Hire

When someone describes their own role in a business as the heart of it, then you know it is not just a business. Maryke Minnaar is the co-owner of Silver Star Function Hiring.

Maryke and her husband Ben bought the business in March 2016. “Ben is the brain of our business,” she says. “He saw this opportunity, did the math and immediately realised it was going to become my passion. We always joke that I’m the heart and he’s the brain, but actually that is the reason for our success.”

After fourteen years of being a hairdresser (eight in England) and two beautiful little girls, Maryke was more than ready to head into a new direction. “My husband and kids make me very happy, but I needed to find an outlet for my creativity too,” she says.

By that time, she had already completed a qualification in Event Management and Planning with the SA School of Weddings. She also did a course in flower arrangement. All the puzzle pieces started to form a bigger picture. Silver Star was born and she’s never had a dull day since.

The variety and change every client offers are what makes it fun for her. “No day or event is ever exactly the same,” she says. “It is so fulfilling to work with different people every day. To see how their words transform to paper and then lead to the final product.”

To own, manage and work in a business is quite challenging. The staff is already used to seeing Maryke dance around and sing out loud when the pressure gets a bit much. “That’s how I handle it,” she laughs. “We work very hard at ensuring everyone’s wish is fulfilled, but different people have different expectations. It is sometimes difficult – not impossible, but difficult – to create a client’s dreams as the final product.”

Client service indeed extends to her whole life where her motto is to value every person. “Even though it doesn’t always feel like it at specific moments, everyone is unique and created with, and on purpose”.

She loves being around people. “Just sitting around a table full of people or having long, deep conversations next to a fire, those are my happy places.”

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